Best Router Under $100

All businesses and most homes nowadays have access to the Internet but this connection can only be fully enjoyed and maximized with the help of the right equipment. One of these devices, the router, is vital for linking the modem to your smartphones, tablets, computer and other gadgets at home. You can find many router models in the market but if you want to have the best one, you’ll need to consider carefully.

This guide will provide you with the features to look for in a router, plus the top highly recommended routers that cost less than $100.

Routers Buying Guide:

– How many connections can it accommodate?

Be sure to check the maximum number of devices allowed to connect to the router. This is usually not a problem if you have a small household but it can slow down the connection significantly if you have a large family or when you have guests. When you’re running a small business, this can also be an issue that might affect productivity.

– How many USB ports does it have?

Though we typically use the router’s wireless connection for surfing the net and streaming, multiple USB ports on the router are also beneficial. With more USB ports, you can connect a printer, scanner or even a hard drive straight to the router.

– How many bands?

A single-band router is capable of a frequency of 2.4GHz while the dual-band router makes use of 2.4MHz and 5GHz. The dual-band is preferable since this means both faster speed especially when streaming and a wider range. A single-band router, however, is more limited when it comes to range but if only one or two people are using it at your home, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Even faster and offering better coverage is the tri-band router but this is not used very often, except in businesses.

– What is the router’s speed?

The best routers can have an Internet speed of at least 650 megabits per second. If you have a dual-band router, though, check the speed for both frequencies. The 2.4GHz network should have a minimum of 300 megabits per second and the 5GHZ should have a speed of over 1,300.

– How strong is the signal and how far is the range?

It’s important to have a strong signal on the router as this affects the speed of your Internet. Also, the farther your device is from the router, the slower your connection will be. The signal strength can vary depending on several factors such as objects around the house interfering with the signal and the number of antennas on the router.

Best 7 Routers Under $100:

1. Asus Rt-N66u Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

The Asus Rt-N66u Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router provides dual-band connectivity for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This router is small, doesn’t weigh much and has a sleek, black design that would go well with any room or desk. It delivers a steady signal with a speed that can reach 900 megabits per second. It also supports 3G internet and the download speed is impressive. Two USB ports can be found on the router as well. Regarding security features, families will appreciate that this router offers parental control options.

2. Apple 5th Gen Airport Extreme Base Station (Md031ll/A)

A perpetual favorite for mobile devices, Apple continues their success with a router for wireless connectivity. It’s a dual-band router with a capacity for 2.5 GHz and 5GHz and if you wish to further enhance the connection, it can also be done through the app. There’s a USB port on the device so you can print or scan from anywhere in the area. This router also allows multiple users on the connection. When it comes to design, it looks good as well, as it has the trademark minimalist Apple style.

3. Tp-Link Archer C7 Ac1750 Dual Band Wireless Ac Gigabit Router

With the Tp-Link Archer C7 Ac1750 Dual Band Wireless Ac Gigabit Router, you can enjoy superior Internet connection speed from any area of your home. This dual-band router features frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. The device itself has three durable antennas which contribute to the strength of the signal and extent of the connection. At the back of the router are two USB ports. A firewall program is also included together with parental control to keep your connection secure. Despite the antennas protruding from its back, this router looks smooth and stylish to complement well any room or office.

4. Netgear R6400 Smart WiFi Router AC1750

The Netgear R6400 Smart WiFi Router AC1750 is an excellent router that combines above average performance with an affordable price. It’s a dual-band router for frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz and the WiFi connection features 450 and 1,300 megabits per second, respectively. Several internal antennas and three external ones increase the signal strength and the range of this router. A couple of USB ports are also located at the rear and parental control settings are available as well. One downside of this router, however, is that it’s on the large side but it can be wall-mounted to save space.

5. Netgear N750 Dual Band 4 Port Wi-Fi Gigabit Router

Another fantastic router for your home still from Netgear is the Netgear N750 Dual Band 4 Port Wi-Fi Gigabit Router. This handsomely designed router is slim and can be positioned on a shelf or mounted on a wall. It has dual-band features for 2.4GHz and 500GHz. These provide Internet speeds that can reach 300 megabits per second and 750 megabits per second. It supports quite a lot of connections, around 10, so it’s ideal for a small to middle-sized family. The USB port at the back is for an external hard drive.

6. Linksys WRT AC1200 Dual-Band

Best for its strong connection is the Linksys WRT AC1200 Dual-Band. This router supports frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5GHz to provide Internet speeds of 300 and at least 800 megabits per second. The two antennas add to the strength and reach of the signal but you may also adjust or remove them to make room for the router on your shelf. A pair of USB ports at the back can be used for printers, scanners or external hard drives. In size and design, though, this router needs some improvement as it looks bulky and a bit awkward.

7. Securifi Almond Touchscreen

What makes the Securifi Almond Touchscreen unique is its great combination of performance and aesthetics. This single-band router is perfect for a small household with an Internet speed that can reach 300 megabits per second and the range the connection extends to is also pretty good. The 3.5 inch touch display on the router itself allows the easiest set up process without the need for a computer. Aside from that, its elegant design makes it easy to position anywhere in your home without looking out of place.