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Best Headphones Under $300

Advancement in technology has led to the creation of superior performance headphones with outstanding features to give you top quality sound all the time. You do not have to break the bank to get good sounding headphones. You can enjoy your favorite music from a stylish, well-built headphone that is under 300 dollars. This brief overview looks into top quality headphones under $300.

Best Headphones under $300

Sony MDR- ZX770BN- $228- MDR-ZX770BN

This is the new wireless headphone from sony that combines style with quality sound without compromising on comfort. The headphones feature incredible noise cancellation technology as well as passive noise cancellation that enables you to listen to music without necessarily canceling noise. The headphones also have a built-in battery which is fully chargeable in just 2.5 hours. The battery allows you to use the headphones for 13 continuously with noise cancellation and 20 hours without noise cancellation. It has a robust construction maximizing durability. It has large padded ear pads that make it comfortable to use the headphones long durations. The headphones have an extensive Bluetooth range of about 30 feet and are fully compatible with NFC. This is one of the best headphones in their category that you can get at such a low price. They are stylish, quality sound, lightweight, have noise canceling properties and a long battery life.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

When it comes to a deep ad booming base, V-MODA Crossfade produces the sound exceptionally well. V-MODA has built a solid reputation based on for producing high-quality devices that are used by known DJs including Avicii, Deadmau5, and Eric Morello. The headphones combine style, base, and comfort in one incredibly well-designed audio device allowing you listen to music in style. They feature 50mm drivers that produce incredible treble, deep pulsing bass and great mid-tones common in concerts and dance floors. They also have a variety of features including customizable ear shield, Kevlar cable, 24k gold plug and dual inputs.

Grado Prestige Series SR325e H

Grado is known for providing outstanding and innovative audio devices. The new Grado Prestige SR325 series has an incredible audio quality that is clear enabling to enjoy a seamless listening experience. It features firm foam ear pads are extremely comfortable and you can listen for long sessions without getting tired. They also have excellent details making giving the headphones that classic elegant look. You will enjoy the expressive dynamics of the headphones that os transparent across different frequencies.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

One outstanding aspect of Bose QuietComfort headphones is incredible noise cancellation technology that is superior to all other headphones. You can listen to music while a jet engine is running and not be interrupted. The headphones are extremely lightweight with a hard shell case that protects them while traveling. They feature premium quality ear cups which are soft and comfortable. The headphones do not overheat while you are flying and they have a quality travel case that prevents breakage. These headphones produce pleasant sounds with bright highs, a great built and are extremely comfortable.

You can get high-quality sound from headphones that are not necessarily expensive.

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Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200

1. Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf Speakers

This Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf Bookshelf speaker 3-Way Acoustic Suspension is specially designed for use in Home Theater. It’s also magnetically shielded- this offers added protection for your television. The back cabinet is solid and houses 7/8 inch tweeter, creating clean highs above the ranges offered by most speakers and the 8-inch woofer creates dynamic lows. Mid-range of 4-inches creating well-defined voice and dialogue. Featuring well-made Gold plated speaker terminals as well as being banana plug compatible makes these Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf speakers truly of a remarkable kind. Offering a great design and rich sound, as well as an additional 3 way instead of a 2-way speaker, which handles the amplifier wattage adequately, Although there are more expensive speakers on the market for what the Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf speakers are offering it is extremely great value for money.


  • 3-way speaker design
  • 70-140W
  • 8″ High-Output Woofer
  • Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Acoustic Suspension Speakers
  • Woofer 8.0″ (20 cm)
  • 70-140W power range
  • 45Hz – 23KHz Frequency Response  
  • Sensitivity of 90dB @ 2.83V/1 meter
  • 2.5KHz Crossover  
  • 7/8″ (2.2 cm) Dome Tweeter  
  • 4.0″ (10 cm) Midrange

2. SONOS PLAY 1 Compact Wireless Speaker

The white Sonos PLAY 1 Compact Wireless Speaker allows you to stream music from a variety of sources. It allows you to connect to your home network by making use of Ethernet or wifi. You can slow stream music from iTunes and personal library you have created. Thousands of free radio stations can be streamed from almost anywhere online. IPad and iPhone as both supported. The PLAY:1 works on its a single speaker and can also be paired with another speaker in the room. Sono speakers can even be connected all throughout the house if your aim is to throw an awesome house party. Sonos products all work well together as well as independently. You can even use them in the bathroom or shower as their control buttons can withstand humidity. These speakers are all in all a fantastic buy if you are looking to pump up the volume in every corner of the house.


  • Streaming Music online
  • Streaming 100s of radio channels online
  • Streaming digital music library
  • Plays in multiple rooms
  • Connect wirelessly
  • Controlled via app
  • Connects via wifi
  • Connects via ethernet to home library
  • Wirelessly Add Additional Sonos Speakers

3. Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers

For avid music lovers, the Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers are for you. This smaller speakers offer a much more powerful performance, It’s hard to think that so much sound can emulate from these speakers – but they really pack a punch. The sound is amazing, offering a richer and clearer sound, being compared to the like of foot standing speakers. For smaller speakers producing powerful sound, the Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers are your best buy.


  • Bigger performance, smaller speakers
  • 1″ Nano Fine balanced dome tweeter
  • High-resolution audio Sound reproduction to 50kHz for
  • Maximum amount if input power 120 watts
  • 8″ kevlar H.O.P. Woofer
  • 120 watts maximum input power
  • Sound reproduction to 50kHz for high-resolution audio

4. Wolverine WIOS2 Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Stereo Speakers

The WIOS Wireless Stereo Speakers by Wolverine Data offers two a rich and clear portable speaker experience. These inexpensive indoor and outood\r speakers feature wireless connection as well as being water resistant and great, reliable connectivity, The transmitter can easily hook up via USB or PC. If you love camping and the great outdoors, these speakers are a perfect buy.


  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless Stereo Pair System
  • Premium Sound quality
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
  • Water resistant
  • Portable battery and AC powered
  • 200 feet transmission range with on transmitter
  • Connects to smartphone and players
  • Soft blue lights built in, wireless
  • Left and right channel separation

5. BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

For excellent, clear sounding bookshelf speakers that money can buy the BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers will offer you great quality. The speakers offer low-end bass for their size – the sound they offer is so good an amp is not even needed. Beautiful design and finishes at an affordable rate, these speakers are as beautiful as they are good.


  • 6.5″ poly graphite woofer
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • Measures inches 8.9 x 14.8 x 9.1 (W x H x D) each
  • 2-way, tuned-vent bookshelf speakers with wide.
  • Video-shielded, 2-ways, Venturi-tuned vent bookshelf speakers
  • Deep bass and extended treble
  • 6-inch poly/graphite woofer (75-inch poly dome tweeter per speaker)
  • Black laminate finish
  • Video-shielded for distortion-free placement (near television or computer screens)

6. JBL ES20 High-Performance 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers

For a speaker with style and substance look no further, The JBL ES20 High-Performance 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers offer a super-tweeter up to 40 kHz. These superb-sounding speakers sound clean, with clear mids and high and fantastic bass response for their size. Considering human can only hear up to 20 kHz – You and your pets are sure to enjoy the sound emulating from your JBL ES20 High-Performance 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers.


  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)
  • tweeter expands frequency response up to 40kHz
  • Capable of accurately reproducing high-definition audio
  • Computer-optimized bass reflex port provides deeper bass and less turbulence
  • Uses cellulose-fiber cones reinforced with a polymer coating for uniform pistonic motion
  • Waveguide delivers sound evenly over a wide listening area

7. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers

If sourcing bookshelf speakers offering a lot of bass, the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers are your best bet. These speakers carry forth the powerful bass sounds in a beautiful way. These speakers can play your music very loud, filling the entire room with crystal clear sound.


  • Award winning and Highly acclaimed series of speakers
  • 6 Element Complex Crossover which perfectly blends audio (between the woofer and tweeter) for greater accuracy
  • 4” Structured Surface Woofer with oversized magnets
  • Dented pole piece for improved bass response
  • 1” High-Efficiency Soft Dome Tweeter for smooth high-frequency reproduction (at high volume levels)
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets to reduce internal standing waves

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Best Bookshelf Speakers under $100

Buying Guide

Whenever you need to buy any product that has been recently launched in the market, you rush to the shopping malls where you are sure you will get the said product. The malls and the markets are, however, not the only place where you can find products that are in demand. There are many online websites that have made the shopping of your favorite products quite easy and accessible. When you plan to buy something you have been looking forward to for a long time, there are some things you need to consider. You need to be sure which store or which online shopping website will provide you the exact product you are looking for.

One of the best selling products at present is the bookshelf speakers. When you are searching the online sites or even the malls and stores, you need to know what to look for in these bookshelf speakers. With a little bit effort and time you can find the best bookshelf speakers under $100 that offer great and excellent function and also looks sleek. When you are buying these bookshelf speakers, make sure that the power is high enough that you can raise the volume of the speakers without damaging them. Another thing to focus on is the signal to noise ratio. Get one with the higher SNR ratio.


Different styles of speakers

Make sure that you do your proper research before you actually buy the product. Always keep in mind that there are many versions and styles of the same product. Same is the case with this product as well. The bookshelf speakers come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Some styles and models of the bookshelf speakers are very costly and some are quite affordable. Before you make any purchase, always go ahead and research about the product you want to buy. Then, you can easily find the one that you like and get that particular model of bookshelf speaker for yourself. As far as the bookshelf speakers go, they come in different styles and models. Some are larger in size while some are smaller and more manageable. Their design also depends on their efficiency, function as well as purpose. Some are individual speakers to put on your shelf, floor standing speakers, on walls or in ceiling speakers Etc.


The brands to look up to

When you decide on buying the bookshelf speakers, it is smart to spend your money only one the ones that offer product quality. So that is the reason you need to look up to the top brands like Yamaha, Sony, Dayton Audio, Vivo, Polk Audio, WALIPyle, Micca Etc. These are the companies and brands from where you can get the best quality of bookshelf speakers.


Where you can buy from

There are many places from where you can get these products. You can get them in the shopping malls. If you are feeling tired and do not want the hassle of going out and shopping you can get these speakers in an online store. Just try out Aliexpress, Best Buy or Amazon and you will be satisfied with the wide range of products they have to offer their customers.


Anyone who loves the feel of a theater and the ringing effect of the loud sound of music or when they are watching movies would love to have these bookshelf speakers. You can have a soft sound in your background by keeping the speakers in a little volume. Or if you want, you can attach it to the home theater to get the sound louder and enjoy as if the music and sound is all you hear. These speakers are perfect for people who love to get lost in what they are listening or watching.

Bookshelf Speakers under $100

Pyle Home PCB3BK 3-Inch 100-Watt Mini Cube Bookshelf Speakers – Pair (Black) (Pair)

If you are looking for something that is delicate yet it serves its purpose, then these speakers are the ones that you want. The Pyle Home PCB3BK 3-Inch 100-Watt Mini Cube Bookshelf Speakers are a full range of mini speakers and they have the frequency between 90 Hz- 18 KHz. They are perfect for the people who need to get some speakers to attach to their home theater systems. The power of these speakers is almost 100 Watts, what more can you ask for.


Customer reviews:

The customers who have already bought these products Tend to rate the product very highly. The speakers’ design and efficiency is enough to ensure that these are one of the best speakers you can buy and that too at a reasonable rate.


VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands Dual Pillar for Surround Sound & Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP01B)

If you want the speakers that will not only make the music sound true and good to your ears, but the design will also appeal to your eyes, then these are the speakers you need to buy.



They have a dual pillar design.

It is made up of premium aluminum and glass material.

4.4 rating and high SNR ratio.


Customer reviews:

Although there are customers who love the sound system and its efficiency, there are people who have a little bit issue with the design of it. For people who do not have space, they have issues with the stand still design of the speakers. As it has a reasonable price, there are a lot of customers who buy this product for themselves and family.


Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

The speakers that make the sound as well as the statement. The Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter are the speakers that you need to have if you plan on having a get together they offer the perfect sound system that you need when you need to show off to your friends that you have the best speakers in town.


Perhaps one of the most important and best features that these speakers have is that they are made of Balanced Woven carbon fiber. They offer the perfect bass. It is highly optimized and perfection, offering you what you have paid for.


Customer review:

With a very high overall user satisfaction rating for the product, often as high as 90%, customers clearly love the feel and sound of these powerful and magnetic speakers. The lush, shiny black color of these speakers just adds to the product’s attractiveness. The Micca brand has promised to deliver fine quality and the customers are satisfied with these speakers that the company has to offer.

WALI One Pair of-Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket with Tilt & Swivel for Large-Surrounding Sound-Speakers SWM201, Black

Whether you want people to notice your speakers and sound system, or you want to keep the people guessing what an awesome speaker set you have, it totally depends on the type of speakers you have. And what better choice other than the WALI One Pair of Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket with Tilt & Swivel for Large-Surrounding Sound-Speakers SW-201, Black.



These speakers have the side clamping-speaker mounts. You can add one pair to mount 2 speakers.

The tilts are super adjustable and manageable.

The sound effectively spreads out evenly through the room and the house.


Customer review:

The people who have bought these speakers are marveled at the quality of voice and sound and the bass these speakers can handle. Given the affordable rates in which you can get these speakers from amazon and other websites, it is one hell of a perfect deal. The customers have put these on the best sellers list because of its exceptional efficiency.

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Best Headphone Amp under $100

Modern headphones are designed to get the very best performance from your MP3 player or smartphone. They’re tailored towards the demands that MP3 playback entails and will enhance audio performance more than a traditional pair of headphones would. Below is a guide on how to buy the best headphone amp.

Things to consider before buying a headphone amp

What is your budget?

To our profit, there are some quite reasonable amps available in the market that give you precisely what you require — more power and better quality for your headphones. In any case, as most music gear, there are additionally others that cost significantly more that give propelled highlights. We secured the majority of the essential value indicates in this article give you a few choices.

Do you require portability?

We’ve discovered some exceptionally strong headphone amps that fit into your pocket for a definitive advantageous listening knowledge. Our best convenient headphone amplifier article may likewise help, despite the fact that a great deal in here is versatile also. Something else, if you’re anticipating doing a large portion of your listening on a PC or with a gaming console, you’ll require a desktop amp. We recorded both in here in the event of some unforeseen issue.

Headphone type you use

Shut, open, or semi-open? Open-back plan, ordinarily the best headphones for blending and acing require more power than shut back. So the type of headphones you anticipate yourself having (or have as of now put resources into) may figure out which course you go too.

Preferred music you listen to

This isn’t too huge of an arrangement, but if you listen to suppose traditional, snatching an amp that is known for the bass isn’t excessively perfect, and the other way around: you ought to get an amp that has a bass support if you’re into that.

5 Best Headphone Amp under $100

The following is our rundown of the main 10 best headphone amps we’ve possessed the capacity to discover through vivacious research around the net and talking with a cluster of my audiophile companions

Creative Sound Blaster EC

To begin off our rundown as one of the best compact headphone amps, this one gives us some exceptionally strong technology. Creative dependably has their answers in affability, as their Sound Blaster arrangement additionally made it in our best remote speaker article. A champion component from whatever is left of our rundown is the EC gives us some Bluetooth availability, incredible impedance bolster, and an implicit amplifier and nothing comes close to it (despite the fact that, you have your telephone in that spot…). But next to that, it gives us a high battery life of about a day, so if you’re voyaging this thing is great.

You have up to 600 Ohms which is the bounty for most matches of headphones out there (twofold check yours to ensure!), and the SIX Pro Studio (which is essentially their name for having a super clear sound driver). The Creative Sound Blaster EC is an incredible convenient headphone amp coming in at a respectable cost too. If you needed a quick answer and required portability, snatch this one and don’t think back

Audio engine D2

This is one of our most loved desktop amplifiers in the market. The audio engine made it into our best studio screen speaker article as their audio arrangements are of high quality as we would see it. The N’s give us some incredible power at a pinnacle 80-watt execution and an 18K ohms unequal info impedance to make the entire progress of your speakers or headphones. Most importantly the minimal size is extraordinary for fitting on a work area — not very cumbersome and the inherent vertical stand is exceptionally helpful.

You can associate anything with this thing — iPods, speakers, headphones, TV’s, and so on. The high-completed MDF wood bureau is extraordinary for general assurance and dependability. It likewise has a helpful power-sharing inert mode if you’re similar to me and overlooks practically regular to kill your apparatus! Very intense at a better than average cost considering the quality, the Audio engine D2 headphone amp is something to take a gander at for your desktop amplifier needs.

Fabio EC

This is one of our most loved convenient headphone amps that comes with ease. It is minimized, lightweight and is good with any audio playing gadget with a 3.5 mm. A pleasant little touch is the IQ control: you can include a slight bass support if you’re in the disposition for it. In spite of the fact that the specs expressed by Fabio say 10 hours of use, a full charge and when you really use it to listen to music is around 5 hours.

The straightforward clasp is ideal for fitting it onto wherever you feel like if you’re voyaging, generally this thing will most certainly fit in your pocket. One of our most loved convenient headphone amps in the market, the Fabio EC is an incredible decision if you’re on a financial plan and need just a single thing: amplification of your headphones

Fabio A1

Here’s another Fabio headphone amp and it’s somewhat preferable quality over the EC already talked about, in spite of the fact that it’s not all that much costly. The A1 here gives the same amount of clarity and power as the EC but gives us a 3-channel amp this time and additionally three different levels of bass support. The 2 levels of pick up is additionally incredible for a custom sound, contingent upon how uproarious you’d like your tunes to be. It has the standard 3.5 mm information and yield connectors for any gadget that can play music to transfer straight to your studio headphones.

Up to 600 Ohms is all that could possibly be needed. There’s a decent little touch with these also since they have a low-clamor control support for some extra spunk. Run with the Fabio A1 if you can spend a couple of more bucks rather than the EC

Bravo Audio VA

Here’s somewhat different turn on headphone amps by Bravo Audio. This here is a tube amp, which implies that it has a higher symphonious bending and sounds less brutal. They likewise have this “tube-like” sound a ton of audiophiles incline toward over the standard “strong state” amp (a large portion of the ones we list in this article). Notwithstanding, and firstly, this thing just looks super cool and if it’s perched on your desktop you’ll get a few remarks.

As should be obvious there are no insane elements in the visual cues, but what you’re getting with this is a strong performing tube amp that takes care of business. The sound quality is extraordinary and it controls up any headphones up to 600 Ohms. You can likewise supplant the stock tube if you’re into that. Snatch the Bravo Audio VA if you need that tube sound and need something to look sweet around your work area. Head-fi additionally looked into the VA highly.

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Best Turntables Under $1000


The technology in the music industry has come too far than anyone has anticipated. Still, there are some aspects of the industry which make people nostalgic. This is the reason we often want to go back in time and listen to some good authentic music. That is why the turntables which are also known as vinyl record player are making a comeback. The modern turntables are equipped with additional features like USB port and audio out as well.

What to look for when buying

First of all, you need to decide what your budget it. Turntables are available between prices between USD 100 to USD 4000. Secondly, look for important features. Choose the one with a tonearm with adjustments. Buy the one with heavier and balanced platter so that you get smoother and quieter rotation. It is always better to buy a device that comes with detachable signal cords in case you want to upgrade. In the end, make sure that the turntable provides the rotation speed that you will require playing your records.


Different product types/styles available

There are two main types of turntables available in the market. The first one is manual and non-digital in which you have to change the records yourself which are without additional ports. The automatic turntables, however, can accommodate more than one record and change them accordingly. Also, they have additional ports that allow you to digitize your music.


List of the best brands to look for

There are several brands that make state-of-the-art turntables. You can choose any one from companies like Pro-Ject, Thorens, Rega, Music Hall, Audio-Technica, and Stanton.


List of where the products can be purchased from

In the offline market, the best choice you can have is the Best Buy outlet. Apart from that, you can also check with the nearest music. However, if you turn to the online retail stores like Amazon, you can always find some of the best pieces available in the market. Amazon has a huge range of turntables in every budget. Also, while buying online you can check reviews from actual buyers and decide if you want to go for the product or not.


Who the products are suited to

The turntables are best suited for the music lovers of all age groups. You do not need to be an old fellow to enjoy some good music on authentic vinyl record. It is all about the choice of having good equipment for the love you have for music.


Tips on using the products

There are certain points that you should keep in mind while using the turntable to make it more durable. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Always keep it clean and dust free. Cover it when it is not in use.
  • Do not stack up to the vinyl record. Some users think that if they are in the jacket, you can put one over the other. In reality, the weight on the records can damage it at any instant.
  • Always make sure to play the dry records. If accidentally you spill some liquid on the record, dry it first and then put in the turntable.
  • Do not touch the record as the oil on your fingers can damage the records.
  • Do not force the platter to stop while it is still rotating.


There are so many products available in the market that it sometimes becomes hard to choose the right one. The following list will give you a head start for your search.

Top  5 Turntables Under $1000


1. Planar 3 by Rega

The engineers at Rega took around two years to build this beauty. It features a Rega RB330 tonearm which is considered one of the best available in the market. Rega has made this product more durable than ever before. It comes with 3mm bottom phenolic brace along with phonelic top brace made out of metal. Rega is known for sound quality and you will love the way Rega Planar 3 justifies its standards.

2. Audio-1-Xpression Carbon Turntable by Pro-Ject

It is a simple, elegant yet very professional turntable available in the market. The audio reproducing capabilities of this player compensate the lack of aesthetics. It comes with a stainless steel bearing along with 5.6-inch tonearm. There is an option to change the speed manually between 33 to 45 RPM. The main reason to buy this player is that it can accommodate most of the vinyl records you have in your collection.


3. MMF-5.1 Turntable by Music Hall

It is one of the most positively reviewed products available in the market. It features a set of viso-elastic cones which keep the two plinths separate. It makes the player stand out of the crowd. It has three magnetic cartridges and a copper-equipped tonearm for better results. If you are looking for a product that falls in your budget and can set high standards for your next high-end buy, MMF-5.1 is the one for you.


4. AT-PL120 Professional Direct-Drive Turntable by Audio-Technica

It is a vintage product with the best modern day looks. The player is designed to please both professionals and casual music lovers. The device comes with selectable pre-amplifier. It allows you to choose between phono or line level output. It can play records at three different speeds which make it versatile and durable product. It has pitch control and reverse play option which are modern features that give this player the much-required edge over the competitors. If you are looking for an actual modern day vinyl player, this one is made for you.


5. TD 170-1 Fully Automatic Turntable by Thorens

Moderately priced and easy to manage, this fully automatic turntable is something you should have in your collection. The device can play records in three different speeds which make it versatile. The music is just a touch away and you can choose your favorite music in no time. All you need to do it plug it in, choose the record and let the machine do the rest for you.



Getting one of the best turntables for your collection is something needs attention and precision. You should be very careful with the features so that you do not damage your record collection. The players available in the market now come with additional features which make them even more desirable. These turntables are a good choice for your room as well as if you want something classic to gift to your loved ones.

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Best Open Back Headphones under $200

Open Back Headphones Buying Guide

With the availability of music in today’s world, everyone has their listening preferences. No matter your beat, whether rock-n-roll or blues, everyone can agree on one thing: you want good sound! Selecting a good pair of headphones is essential in hearing the music you love the way it’s meant to be heard and there are a few things to look out for before you pick out your listening gear.

Finding your comfort zone

You have to find your comfort zone. Since you tend to listen to music for extended periods of time, comfort is probably the most important thing to consider when picking out a pair of earphones. For example, if your ears are large, you might find that headphones that are meant to cover the whole ear might not fit yours exactly right. If your ears are sensitive or you’re prone to ear infections, ear buds might not be a great fit for you.

Main types of headphones

The three main types of headphone styles to consider for your comfort preference are over-ear, complete ear coverage where your ear is completely surrounded, on-ear, where the headphone rests against your ear, and in-ear, which are ear buds that sit in your ear. There are pros and cons of sound quality for each type but it’s a personal choice on whether or not it’s comfortable.


Another thing to consider is the portability of your gear. If you spend all day in an office listening to Pandora on your desktop, you might find that you need a pair of headphones that fit easily in your desk drawer and have a long enough cord to allow you free movement around your desk.

Likewise, if you tend to listen to tunes while completing your jog around the neighborhood, you might want to consider a pair that is able to be breathable, since ear sweat is ridiculously uncomfortable, and something that is noise canceling since you’ll be dealing with outside noise.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to consider the durability of your headphones. While you can certainly go out and get a really cheap pair of ear buds if you have to, it’s not what you want to do after spending hours researching the perfect set. Unfortunately, the more durable anything is, the bulkier it tends to be, but there are compromises and new innovations that allow for less bulk nowadays. Make sure to read reviews and ask around before you get to the picking-out-stage of purchasing.

Once you’ve figured out the style, portability, and durability you’re going to need from a pair of earphones, it’s time to explore the different brands available. You’ll hear a few in particular that are known for turning out quality listening-gear. Bose, Monster, Audio-Technica, Beats, AKG, Sony, Pioneer, and JVC are some of the top-selling brands in the industry and each has products that get a fair share of encouraging praise from critics.

Depending on what you’re looking for and where you are when you’re looking for it, you’ll likely find yourself gravitating toward specific brands. To help you along, here is a list of our top quality headphones under two hundred bucks.

Top Open Back Headphones under $200

1. Bose SoundTrue Around-ear Headphones II

The Bose SoundTrue is one of the better mid-priced headphones on the market. With superb noise-cancelling features, a lightweight frame, detachable cord, multiple colors to choose from, and soft foam for ear comfort, this product is sure to be one that you won’t regret purchasing.

A lot of audiophiles give Bose a hard time but it’s clear from the quality products they produce time and time again that Bose is still the brand to beat when it comes to music quality. If durability and noise cancellation are your primary desires, this is the set to beat.

2. Sennheiser HD598

This set is entirely too easy to wear and will allow for hours of easy listening without the dreaded headphone headache that you might develop with other types of earphones. This over-ear, open back headset allows your ears to stay cool while not compromising on the quality of sound. In addition, the makers basically wrap your head in a pillow by adding a padded leatherette headband and velour-covered ear pads.

While other people will be able to hear what you’re listening to thanks to the open backs, it’s definitely worth it for the sheer level of comfort these puppies allow for. In addition, you’ll have the option of two cable options, three meters, and 1.2 meters, so you can decide exactly how much wiggle room you want to have without having to take them off. For hours of comfortable listening, this might be the set for you.

3. Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32

Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro is the monster truck of the headphones on our list. At 9.6 ounces, these puppies are not lightweight in the least, but they are built to last and customers are definitely in love with the quality of sound and the durability of the machinery.

The makers of the DT-770 Pro did give a nod to the comfort seekers of the audio world by adding a padded headband to this beast but the real joy of this set is the bass reflex technology that allows you to be enveloped in the crystal clear bass of any song you’re listening to and complete noise cancellation which allows you to get completely lost in the sound. If you are a true audiophile and it’s all about the music quality, this is the set for you.

4. Monoprice 108323

This one has crept onto several lists that agree that this is by far the greatest bang for your buck that you’re going to get. Not nearly as durable as some of our other contenders, the Monoprice still has excellent quality sound for a fraction of the price. What you pay for the bundle, which includes two different length cables, a case, and an adapter plug in addition to the headphones themselves, will only set you back the cost of most replacement cables.

The Monoprice also has a comfortable headband and a noise-dampening feature that will thrill most casual listeners. By far, the most affordable set on our list.

5. Koss PortaPro

If you are looking for style in addition to awesome audio quality, this is certainly the set for you. The Koss PortaPro has a really interesting design that features a multi-pivoting plate and adjustable temporal comfort zone pads. In simpler terms, there are more adjustable what-not’s so you can be comfortable while wearing them for longer periods of time. It’s also the most portable design you’ll come across because it collapses completely and can be stored just about anywhere.

With glowing blue lights and extra switches on the exterior, this might look like you’re the captain of some sort of really hip spaceship. This is your set if you want next gen technology and crystal audio quality for an affordable price.

No matter what your audio preference, you can find your fit with just a little research and some help from fellow audiophiles. Good luck!

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Best Earbuds Under $20

Any music lover will always have an excellent set of headphones or earphones on hand. If you want something more portable, however, and easily tucked away, earbuds are your best choice. These in-ear headphones are placed just outside or right inside the ear for a good fit and many people prefer them for their convenience. They’re able to keep out some or most of the noise and they don’t mess up your hairstyle or tangle with your jewelry or eyewear.

Here’s a guide to helping you choose the best earbuds for you and the top 8 budget-friendly products worth looking at.

Cheap Earbuds Buying Guide:

What are the specs and features?

Earphones may have many specs but one of the most important is the frequency or range of sound the earphones can transmit. Frequency is measured in Hertz and a wider range means it’s capable of excellent sound quality. Various tones from lower to higher pitches can be picked up. The standard for most earphones would be 20Hz – 20,000Hz.

You will also want to check how well the earphones can block or at least muffle external sound. Though headphones that cover the whole ear are better at canceling out noise, top quality earphones may also do a good job of noise cancellation.

Another convenient feature is Bluetooth capability. This type of earbuds doesn’t have wires. They keep you tangle-free and let you move around more freely which is great if you’re on the move, driving a vehicle or exercising. If you do select earbuds with Bluetooth, take note that they will need to be charged from time to time so look at the battery life as well.

How comfortable are they?

One of the most important factors is the comfort level of the earbuds. See how well they fit your ear. Something that’s tight will do a better job of blocking noise but might feel uncomfortable after a while. Earbuds that are too loose will, however, be in danger of falling off. Whether they’re earphones that are just on the edge of the ear or in-ear phones that are inserted firmly inside, opt for the earbud that feels most comfortable for you. This is where earbud tip material also plays a role. These can be made of foam, silicone or rubber. Foam is softer and molds to the ear better but is harder to clean than rubber.

Are they durable?

They should also be strong and sturdy enough to survive your daily grind and journeys. The most durable earphones are often made of thicker and weightier material. It’s best that you choose a product with a storage pouch as well to keep your earbuds protected in your bag or pocket.

Best Earbuds Under $20

User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rating
Tribe TRB Wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes it ideal for workouts or travel earpieces made of silicone for comfort; earbuds are lightweight & have decent noise canceling ability; battery life stays up to six hoursGoodHigh4.0 / 5
JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow Earbuds Sounds amazing for unit with affordable price; fitted with memory foam covering for ultimate comfort for several hours; trendy design – available in different colors + excellent noise reduction featureGoodLow4.0 / 5
SoundPeats QY7 Great deal for an affordably-priced unit; features Bluetooth technology with batteries lasting for 5 hrs; fits well on most ears – perfect for any physical activity; includes extra silicone earbud tips + ear hooks Very GoodHigh4.3 / 5
SoundPeats QY8 Armed with Bluetooth technology; sound quality not compromised with noise blocking feature; battery stays up to 5 hrs max; light & comfortable earbuds come with earbud tips & ear hooksVery GoodMid-Range4.4 / 5
Panasonic RP-HJE120 Offers impressive sound featuring frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz; comfortable - designed to fit ears perfectly; earbud tip made of rubber & replaceable with a smaller or larger size ExcellentMid-Range4.7 / 5
Axgio Vigour Sport Wireless Bluetooth earphones come with good sound quality & better than average battery life that lasts up to 8 hrs; features an adjustable cable between earbuds + cable clips; earbuds fit snugly inside the ear & comes in 3 sizesVery GoodHigh4.3 / 5
Taotronics Wireless Earphones TT-bh06 Made stable fit & sweat proof feature; fitted with Bluetooth technology - perfect for working out; designed to prevent falling out; sound quality is satisfactory with excellent range & battery life of a max of 5 hrsVery GoodMid-Range4.2 / 5
NuForce NE-600X High-efficiency In-ear Headphones Made with average sound quality with frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz; comfortable - earbud tips made of silicone & rounded for more comfort & durability; earbuds cable help prevent tangling + 3 earbud sizes to choose from Very GoodMid-Range4.2 / 5

1. Tribe TRB Wireless

The Tribe TRB Wireless is ideal for enjoying music even when you’re working out or traveling thanks to its Bluetooth capability. It’s easier to find your perfect fit since additional earpieces and loops are included. The earpieces are also made of silicone for more comfort. These earbuds have decent noise canceling ability as well and they’re fairly lightweight. Aside from that, their battery life is pretty good, up to six hours.

2. JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow Earbuds

From a maker of quality tech, JVC also produces bestselling earphones including their JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow Earbuds. The sound is better than expected for its affordable price, but the best part about these earbuds are the memory foam covering which gives you the ultimate comfort for hours. At the same time, they’re excellent at keeping out noise. They also look trendy since they’re available in a variety of colors.

3. SoundPeats QY7

Another brand that’s well-known for earphones with terrific sound quality is SoundPeats and their SoundPeats QY7 is a great deal considering its affordable price. These earbuds feature Bluetooth technology and the batteries last until five hours. They also fit well on most ears thanks to their design but may not be that secure for physical activity. Accessories included with these earbuds are extra silicone earbud tips and hooks for the ears.

4. SoundPeats QY8

The QY8 from SoundPeats is also popular. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, you can use it anywhere and keep your hands free. At the same time, the sound quality is not compromised and music and calls can be heard loud and clear. They also work well at blocking external sound. Battery life is a maximum of five hours and the earbuds don’t weigh much while being superbly comfortable. These earbuds come with a carrying case as well, additional earbud tips and ear hooks.

5. Panasonic RP-HJE120

Panasonic earbuds, the Panasonic RP-HJE120 is a top performer as well. It highlights impressive sound which even finicky customers won’t find fault with. This is because it features a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. These earbuds are also comfortable and designed to fit your ear perfectly. The earbud tip is made of rubber and you can replace it with a smaller or larger size from any of the extra pairs.

6. Axgio Vigour Sport Wireless

The Axgio Vigour Sport Wireless earbuds are Bluetooth earphones with good sound quality. Although it’s not the best, it makes up for this with its better than average battery life, at least eight hours. It also surpasses other products when it comes to hearing range from your mobile device. Also, the cable between the two earbuds is adjustable thanks to the cable clips that come with the package. The earbuds themselves will feel snug and comfortable inside the ear as you can choose from three sizes.

7. Taotronics Wireless Earphones TT-bh06

Recommended for its stable fit and sweat proof feature is the Taotronics Wireless Earphones TT-bh06. These are one of the best earbuds to wear if you’re working out since aside from making use of Bluetooth, they’re designed to prevent them from easily falling out. You can find the best size for your ears from the different earbud tips available. Sound quality is also satisfactory, range is excellent and battery life is a maximum of five hours.

8. NuForce NE-600X High-efficiency In-ear Headphones

With its above average sound quality, the NuForce NE-600X High-efficiency In-ear Headphones has consistently been praised by most of its users. The great sound delivers is clear from its frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. These earbuds are comfortable as well since the earbud tips are made of silicone and rounded for the best comfort and durability. The earbuds cable is also flat to help prevent tangling. In addition to that, there are three earbud sizes to choose from for your ideal fit.

Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Looking for an acoustic guitar you can buy under the $1000 mark needs you to be very careful at selecting. There are several brands and models that go below this amount and there are others that go beyond as well.

As choices are one to many, you have to know the materials it is made of and type of usage you need it for. You can choose from quality local brands or take a look at some made overseas. You need to consider quality, value of your money, sound performance, and style.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

Best Features
User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Seagull Artist Mosaic Finest among all-solid-wood guitars & comes with solid-cedar top; features all-mahogany back, neck & sides; also features a tapered headstock to bring middle strings closer together while improving tuning stability Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
PRS SE Angelus Standard Made for discriminating players in search of top-notch sound & performance; done in mahogany on the back & sides & comes with a rosewood fingerboard; enables playing in higher registers Very GoodMid-Range4.2 / 5
Martin Custom D Classic This is a high-quality American-made tool; affordable & features a solid Sitka spruce top with back & sides done in mahogany; also features dreadnought-style body; bridge & fingerboard done in quality Indian rosewood Very GoodHigh4.3 / 5
Blueridge BR-240A Uses solid Adirondack spruce top with solid mahogany neck, back & sides; allows for depth & projection + great-looking design; features tortoise shell pickguard & glossy top Very GoodMid-Range4.4 / 5
Guild Westerly Collection F-150 Best pick for those who prefer large, jumbo-bodied acoustics; made of solid Sitka spruce top & solid Indian rosewood construction on the back & sides; tonewood combination offers huge amount of warmth & articulation Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Yamaha L Series LL16 Features solid Engelmann spruce top for perfect treble tones; constructed with solid rosewood along sides & back with neck in mahogany and 3-ply padauk combination for added resonance & depth; ebony bridge setup delivers crisp & deep traditional acoustic tones ExcellentMid-Range4.6 / 5
Recording King RD-316 Made of solid wood with Solid African Mahogany back & sides; AAA Adirondack Spruce Top with 1-pc neck of mahogany wood has ebony fretboard combined with tonewoods for depth & warmth; incorporates classic specs that includes strong inner bracing & dovetail neck joint Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Taylor 214ce Features a cutaway to easily access high registers; great-sounding & durable & has a Sitka spruce top & rosewood laminate on back & sides for warmth & punch; fingerboard made of ebony for extra bite Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Seagull Performer CW Flame Maple QI Features a gorgeous flame maple back & sides, maple neck of select pressure-treated spruce top + rosewood fingerboard; made with cutaway dreadnought shape, tapered headstocks with Godin EPM Quantum I preamp system complete with volume, bass & treble controls + built-in LED chromatic tuner GoodMid-Range4.0 / 5
Breedlove Studio Dreadnought Built with a Nato Mahogany neck & East Indian Rosewood on its back and sides; features East Indian Rosewood fingerboard + solid Sitka Spruce top producing crisp highs; fretboard has pretty inlay patterns GoodMid-Range4.0 / 5

10. Seagull Artist Mosaic

The Artist Mosaic model is the best among all-solid-wood guitars and commands a good price. Made in Canada, it has a solid-cedar top and has a midrange rather than spruce. It has an all-mahogany back, neck and sides. This combination generates a deep, rich sound making it stand out compared to the traditional spruce-top types sold these days.

The guitar’s ebony fretboard adds to the crispness of the tone and aids in bringing out high-end clarity when striking individual notes. It also features a tapered headstock that brings the middle strings closer together while improving tuning stability. It comes with a seagull logo on the 12th fret and off-centered markers.

9. PRS SE Angelus Standard

PRS guitars are expensive guitars made for discriminating players who seek top-notch sound and performance. However, this model was introduced to satisfy players who are low on the budget but seeks greater acoustic satisfaction.

With an affordable package, players would opt for this model as it is done in mahogany on its back and sides, and comes with a rosewood fingerboard. It has a Sitka spruce top but the single-cut design doesn’t really look awesome. This enables players to play in higher registers. Nevertheless, a saddle and bone nut allows crystal clear notes.

8. Martin Custom D Classic

This is a high-quality, American-made instrument you can get a little bit over your budget but it is a good choice. It features a solid Sitka spruce top with back and sides in mahogany. It has a dreadnought-style body with a combination that enables depth, clarity and volume.

The bridge and fingerboard are done in quality Indian rosewood and good players know what solid wood acoustic guitars stand for—quality sound performance!

7. Blueridge BR-240A

Blueridge guitars are made overseas gives you great value for your money. It uses a solid Adirondack spruce top with solid mahogany neck, back and sides. This combination allows for depth, projection, and a great-looking design. It has a tortoise shell pickguard and a glossy top.

The maker of this brand specializes in manufacturing pre-war reproduction guitars and this model forms a part of its pre-war series. They are made of solid wood and use a strong inner bracing method enabling users to like it more than anything else.

6. Guild Westerly Collection F-150

For players who need large, jumbo-bodied acoustics, this model is the best choice when it comes to sound quality and price. The Westerly F-150 is a large acoustic instrument made of solid Sitka spruce top and a solid Indian rosewood construction on the back and sides. Its tonewood combination provides a huge amount of warmth and articulation as its body generates strong and clear notes.

Big guitars takes projection and sound a step further compared to other dreadnoughts. This makes them highly preferred by performing musicians ranging from singer/songwriters, country performers to rock stars.

5. Yamaha L Series LL16

The LL16 has a solid Engelmann spruce top that enables perfect treble tones. It has a solid rosewood construction along its sides and back. Its neck has a mahogany and padauk (3-ply) combination material made to add resonance and depth.

The ebony bridge setup brings about crisp and deep traditional acoustic tones players want to achieve. With a gold hardware and gloss finish, this guitar looks as good as it sounds. Great price for an extremely amazing musical instrument.

4. Recording King RD-316

The RD-316 is made of solid wood with Solid African Mahogany back and sides and AAA Adirondack Spruce Top. Its one-piece neck made from mahogany wood has ebony fretboard that makes up a great combination of tonewoods for great depth and warmth; producing the right amount of top-end bite.

This guitar type incorporates classic specs such as strong inner bracing and a dovetail neck joint. This dark horse provides an amazing sound and a price you players can afford.

3. Taylor 214ce

The 214ce model introduced to the public by Taylor features the classic Grand Auditorium body shape that has a cutaway for easy high registers access. This model is great-sounding and can last for generations. It has a Sitka spruce top and rosewood laminate on its back and sides, allow for warmth and punch. The fingerboard is made of ebony that adds extra bite to the tone.

Taylors features its own Expression System that is fully in their guitars. It is an easy to operate 3-knob preamp that includes bass, treble and volume controls designed to draw out the sound of the guitar naturally. This is a little bit expensive but shoots the range of the quality players require.

2. Seagull Performer CW Flame Maple QI

The Performer series are built for stage performance. It features a gorgeous flame maple back and sides, a maple neck made from select pressure-treated spruce top and a rosewood fingerboard. With a cutaway dreadnought shape, this model gives out crisp clarity and wise projection effect.

It has tapered headstocks that allow the strings to provide a truer line through the nut to improve tuning and tone. This model also features the Godin EPM Quantum I preamp system with volume, bass and treble controls, and a built-in LED chromatic tuner for higher visibility onstage.

1. Breedlove Studio Dreadnought

Built from innovative ideas, the Studio Dreadnought comes with a Nato Mahogany neck and East Indian Rosewood on its back and sides. It also has an East Indian Rosewood fingerboard and a solid Sitka Spruce top thereby producing crisp highs.

Whether it is plugged in or not, this guitar will produce some volume due to its dreadnought shape cutaway. Its fretboard has pretty inlay patterns to accentuate its classic look. It incorporates Breedlove’s LR-TCV preamp that comes with a 3-band EQ plus presence, a handy phase button that will help minimize feedback, and a chromatic tuner.


This should give you an idea on which acoustic guitar to choose.

Furthermore, never forget that what you are trying to find is an instrument that can provide you with good playing experience, excellent sound performance and a budget that would not cut on your other needs.