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Best Fishing Kayak Under $500: Top 5 Revealed!

A kayak makes your fishing experience more enjoyable, instead of using a boat. Kayaks are quiet, lightweight, and fast. When you ride on one, you can easily traverse farther areas at a faster pace without making any noise that could scare the fishes away. Another good thing about fishing kayaks is they are affordable – no need to break the bank. You can already purchase a good quality model for only under $500. Read on to know more about fishing kayaks, and product reviews on some of today’s top models.

Fishing Kayak Buying Guide

It is easy to find a good quality fishing kayak for less than $500. Many companies have released affordable kayaks for beginners. These models often come with basic features that you will surely need when you head out into the water. Apart from the price, you should also take into consideration the other important factors. These include the number of seats, overall quality, storage space, dimension, and propulsion.

Your size matters when looking for an affordable kayak. It is crucial to take into account your weight and height. A larger individual will feel restricted when seated on a small vessel. A large kayak, meanwhile, will not suit a small person because it will be difficult to control the whole thing.

If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time outside to fish, you will want to look for a kayak with durable and comfortable seats. It is also important to check whether you want to sit on top or inside. The former will provide you with more storage space, but this option can be uncomfortable for taller individuals.

The best kayak for you is one that matches your size, and allows another person to ride along with you. The unit should also be lightweight, has sufficient space for your things, and has comfortable seats. Lastly, you will want to consider the build quality to ensure that your fishing kayak will not easily tip over and ruin your day.

Now that you know the important factors to consider in a kayak, it is time to move on to the next step. Below are five of the best fishing kayaks under $500 that you should consider, and a product review for each.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500

Lifetime Tamarack

This kayak is one of today’s best sellers. It has an ergonomic and lightweight design that will surely make your fishing experience memorable. With a price of only under $500, you will have extra money for your gears.

The kayak is durably built, and will last for many years. It comes with a five-year limited warranty. The body is made of high-density, UV-treated polyethylene. It means that the whole unit is impact-resistant. There are two flush-mount holders for your fishing rods, as well as a bungee-strapped gear wells found in the stern and bow for all your gears. Your things are secured as you head farther into the sea.

Emotion Stealth Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

This fishing kayak comes with two configurations: the flush-mount and the deck mount rod holders. One good reason why you should consider this model is its comfortable seats that use a Comfort Rest System. Its hull design is also uniquely designed to provide great tracking and added stability, making it ideal for amateur and beginner kayakers.

Other interesting features include the solace hatch, cargo net lacing (ledge), a big rear tankwell, and secure foot bracing. This unit is lightweight, with a weight of only around 51 pounds, for easy transport. In addition, the body is made of durable polyethylene with UV-protection to make it last for years.

Sun Dolphin Journey

This kayak offers a swivel rod holder, dry storage compartment, a cup holder, and a recessed holder for your important tools. For only under $500, its design will leave you with enough money for your gears. It is built to ensure user comfort, thanks to its adjustable seat, integrated thigh pads, and foot braces. You can do fishing for hours without feeling restricted or stiff. Weight a weight of 44 pounds, this kayak is made lightweight for easy transport, while the retractable handles allow for quick carrying and stowing.

Sea Eagle SE370K_P

This fishing kayak stretches about 12 feet long, with a 650-pound maximum weight capacity. It only means it can accommodate up to three persons comfortably. The body is lightweight at 32 pounds, and you will be able to set it up in as fast as eight minutes. The seats are comfortable, as well, with the front and rear seats made detachable.

Its durable Polykrylar hull, I-beam construction flooring, and inflatable spray skirts further make it desirable. The self-bailing drain valve can come in handy. You will also notice the skegs at the bottom of the kayak for speed and tracking. With so many great features to offer, this kayak is definitely a bang for your buck.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

This kayak is the cheapest on the list. It features a low profile that makes it a good companion in travelling through mild rivers and lakes. It has a sporty design that people can easily spot from a distance. The kayak has a removable skeg, two adjustable seats (with back support), aluminium paddles, and a dual-action air pump. The package also comes with a repair kit, as well as a carrying bag.

The kayak is easy to set up. It will only take you five minutes to inflate or deflate it. What’s great about this model is that it can accommodate large users, even those more than six feet tall. The body is made sturdy to ensure it will not easily tip over. It accommodates only one person, but your things should be placed in front to balance the weight.

Summing Up

These are the five best fishing kayak under $500 that you should consider. You do not need an expensive kayak just so you can go fishing. Beginners are advised to invest in a good quality kayak that has the basic features to help them get used to the experience. When looking for the best one for your fishing trip, take note of all the tips above to help you decide better.

Best Rifle Scope Under $500

Serious hunters need high-quality equipment to keep them efficient and top-performing at the shooting range or when out in the field. While those bargain-priced rifle scopes may be fine for other people, you will need something that will keep you at the top every single time. A high-quality scope should be effective, durable, and efficient. When looking for the best rifle scope under 500 dollars, these models below can surely get the job done.

Best Rifle Scope Under $500 2016

User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Features 80-mm objective lens & offers 110 ft at 20x magnification + 51 feet at 60x magnification; also comes with dual-focus controls & multi-coated optics for fine tuning & quick adjustments; 100% water and fog-proof with exclusive rainguard Very GoodMid-Range4.6 / 5
Carl Zeiss Tera German-made scope provides fine precision, impressive details & high level of craftsmanship; delivers top-quality performance with 3x to 9x magnification, fully coated optics, a 42mm objective lens for low light conditions + aluminum tube; ideal for traditional rifles or the most tricky AR15 GoodMid-Range3.9 / 5
Celestron Regal M2 Features fully multi-coated optics with dual-focus knob & 16 to 48x magnification; comes with features normally seen on more expensive models; includes ED glass for color & sharp contrast; also has solid metal eyepiece cover Very GoodHigh4.4 / 5
Vanguard High Plains 561 Perfect for range & hunting grounds; water, weather & fog-proof; unit is fully multi-coated with 15 to 45x 60mm lens; package includes a cleaning kit, soft & hard cases, & table-top tripod Very GoodMid-Range4.2 / 5
Leupold VX-3 3.5 to 10x & 4.5-14x magnification; comes with 40mm objective lens for best viewing; built for shooters Very GoodHigh4.4 / 5
Leupold SX-1 Ventana Durable spotting scope with proprietary nitrogen fill process making it water and fog-proof; features a 20 to 60x magnification, multi-coated optics + 80 mm objective lens; package comes with compact adjustable tripod, hard & soft case; comes with neoprene straps, removable lens covers & retractable lens shade GoodMid-Range3.9 / 5
Nikon M-308 Designed for long range shooting; features 4 - 16x power magnification + 42-mm objective lens; uses multi-coated optics for optimal lighting; body is waterproof, shock-proof & fog-proof ExcellentMid-Range4.8 / 5

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD scope has all the features you expect from such a big name. The 80-millimeter objective lens allow for ample lighting, combined with a 20-60x magnification, makes this scope perfect for the range or for hunting. It offers a field of view of 110 feet at 20x magnification, and 51 feet at 60x magnification.

The dual-focus controls and the multi-coated optics allow for fine tuning and quick adjustments. If these features are not enough, this scope is 100 percent water- and fog-proof with a patented rainguard. This will help you see clear images, even if it rains.

Carl Zeiss Tera

This German-made scope boasts of fine precision, impressive details, and a high level of craftsmanship. For only under $400, this scope delivers top-quality performance. This model has 3x to 9x magnification, fully coated optics, a 42mm objective lens for low light conditions, and an aluminum tube. This scope is perfect for traditional rifles or even the most tricky AR15. It is one of the best scopes on the list.

Celestron Regal M2

The Celestron Regal M2 has what it takes to get the job done. It features fully multi-coated optics with a dual-focus knob and a 16 to 48x magnification for quick adjustments. The brand has a reputation for producing premium quality optics, so its presence on this list is no longer surprising.

This scope comes with features that you would normally see on the more expensive models, including the ED glass that produces color and sharp contrast. The solid metal eyepiece cover offers extra protection when the scope is not in use. These features ensure perfect viewing, without any distortion or shadowing. Best of all, the scope has a sighting line that makes sighting easier.

Vanguard High Plains 561

The Vanguard High Plains is a perfect scope for the range and hunting grounds. For under $500, this scope has features that you normally see on the more expensive models. It is water-, weather-, and fog-proof. Using this scope will give you a perfect viewing, no matter what the weather condition may be.

The unit is fully multi-coated with a 15 to 45x 60mm lens for that brilliant view of your target, hundreds of yards away. The package includes a cleaning kit that will help keep those lenses clean, as well as soft and hard cases for extra protection. The table-top tripod, meanwhile, can keep your scope stable enough. Best of all, this scope comes with a five-year warranty.

Leupold VX-3

The VX-3 offers magnification options, between 3.5 to 10x and 4.5-14x. It comes with a 40mm objective lens, as well, giving you the best viewing possible through the scope. This tool is built for shooters by individuals living in a rugged western state. With such a solid brand name, mounting the VX-3 atop your rifle will surely make you feel proud.

Leupold SX-1 Ventana

The SX-1 Ventana is a durable spotting scope that underwent a proprietary nitrogen fill process to provide customers a completely water- and fog-proof tool. The brand is confident that you can comfortably view your target at a distance whatever the weather condition may be. It also features a 20 to 60x magnification, multi-coated optics, and an 80 millimeter objective lens. These components will give you a bright and clear image at the shooting range or at the hunting site for that perfect shot.

The package comes with a compact adjustable tripod to keep your scope stable on your desired shooting position. It also has a hard case to safely hold your tripod and scope. The soft case, meanwhile, comes with neoprene straps, removable lens covers, and retractable lens shade. Best of all, the scope has a limited lifetime warranty to give you a peace of mind.

Nikon M-308

The Nikon M-308 is designed with long range shooting in mind. The manufacturer created it for heavy hitting rifles, featuring 4 to 16x power magnification and a 42-millimeter objective lens. The multi-coated optics were used for optimal lighting, while the body is water-, shock-, and fog-proof to make it top-quality. This scope is ideal for target, hunting, or even tactical rifles.

Bang for the Buck

It is easy to find scopes that are affordable. However, you need to consider the specs, quality, brand, and customer reviews. The scopes on this list can get the job done. Take time in studying their features to ensure that you get the best rifle scope under 500 for your next shooting practice or hunting session.