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What is the Best Table Saw Under $500?

Which table saw do you think will be best for you? It is not that tough and in this guide we will positively lead you in the right path of discovering the best table saw below $500.

Most table saws found on this list are handy and could be utilized within your house for Do It Yourself tasks and for those contractors that travel from site to site more often than not.

1) The Bosch – GTS 1031

This fantastic tool is well-adjusted so flawlessly and faultlessly that it could be handled with just your single hand. Not to mention another advantage that its weight is just 52 lbs! The all-steel base of the The Bosch – GTS 1031 is designed in order to weather some of the most serious havoc from the jobsites or from the home improvement workers.

This tool also already comes with a durable 4.0 HP max and also a 5,000 RPM motor, so obviously, you definitely will never be dismayed nor frustrated. The saw splits up to 18-inch wide and slashes through a wide array of materials. And some of these materials are the following: Lumber, Stair treads, Trim, Shelving, Sheet goods, Flooring and sliding

2) The Dewalt DWE 7480

This saw includes the similar type of rack and pinion fence system just like the DW745, consequently you could be guaranteed that indeed you are receiving nothing but the most precise of cuts. This table saw takes 24” of ripping space, hence, bigger pieces of work are fine. The working area is covered and crusted in order to prevent the friction from taking place thus, your cuts must be simple to do even just one-handed.

The 15 amp motor of the Dewalt DWE 7480 has already been restructured in order to bring out the real strength when it is time to cut throughout the hardwoods and would also make sure of a quick, and clean cut workmanship fit for a professional exterior.

It provides a maximum rip up to the right side of its blade of the 24” and the max rip to its left side is 12”. The arbor size of the Dewalt DWE 7480 is similar like that of the DW745 within 5/8 inch and so are its cutting depths within 90 and 45 degrees being 3 1/8 inch and 2 ¼ inches respectively.

3) The Rockwell RK7241S

Another awesome table saw under $500 is the Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser. It contains a convenient folding fence for that needed added-wider cuts and an elite laser indicator. This laser indicator feature assists you when it comes to modifying its blade tilt. You would also wish to know that it’s quite heavier than some models out there being in a weight of around 89 lbs. Fortunately, the heavier models got lesser vibration that also means the cleaner of cuts.

By far, one of the best extras of the Rockwell RK7241S is its “Trolly” stand. This enables folding and then rolling down on its wheels in order to transport this saw from one location to another one. See, it does not get better than that, obviously. If you aim for a table saw which already has the stand, then the Rockwell RK7241S might be just perfect for your needs.

4) The Dewalt DW745.

The DeWalt DW745 10 Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw is the perhaps the present champion sitting on the throne. This table saw is a capable pick in terms of your traveling companion, simply because it weighs in at a very lightweight 45 lbs. The Dw745 10 Inch Table Saw already conveniently comes with its push stick, a miter gauge, a blade guard and a single 10”, 24 tooth carbide blade.

The saw itself boasts of a potent 15 amp, a high torque motor which continually promises the cleanest of cuts, and that’s even on the toughest of projects. This table saw model performs its cuts with up to an optimum level of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees on a lessened friction covered working area.

So there you have it. Our guide to your best table saws costing only under $500. So having read this list, based on your needs and budget considerations, have you chosen which one is your perfect table saw under $500?

Take note that it’s always best to opt for the table saw which fits the most of your kinds of tasks, and then read the manuals first so that you would get to know all their features before deciding to buy.