Top 7 Best Video Cameras Under $1000

Some video cameras are sold at low, low prices and some belong to the top of the line with prices highly unobtainable by photography aficionados who don’t earn enough money. In some cases, buyers shy away from looking at models which, they don’t know, are sold at prices that are highly affordable.

A good thing to note here is there are several pieces that you can buy below $1000 and perform fairly well if not extraordinary. We have gathered some of them and listed features that you may want to have for your ideal camera.

best video camera under 1000

Best Video Cameras Under $1000

1. Nikon D7100 – $996.95

If you have seriously embarked on producing videos or equally interested in photography, this camera is for you. It can shoot 1080p video at 60fps and can record stills at 24MP. Video footages created by the D7100 are precise as it has become the favorite among nature and landscape photographers. It has a 51-point AF system plus 3D tracking and 3D matrix meter that is loved by many.
Nikon has been producing many professional cameras in the past that its name is already synonymous to excellent printouts and outstanding quality images. However, all models are not created equal and not all are perfect. This unit cannot record raw modes or ProRes, which makes it a little bit inadequate in the eyes of experts in the field. The absence of aperture adjustment preview in its Live View field is a marketing blunder and some users say that small image buffers strains its raw burst capacity.

2. Blackmagic Pocket Camera – $995.00

When this amazing camera was released, it became a game changer for indie filmmakers. Today, this pocket camera boasts of an image quality unmatched by competition on this price level. Noticeably, this video camera owns 13 stops of dynamic range, enabling it to record RAW in-camera products.

Its small design allows for easy storage but has an issue with cropping. It only allows a crop factor of 2.88. Wide angle shots using the Blackmagic Pocket Camera can be a huge challenge for users. Its full HD 1080p image looks very generic and filmic, most especially when an older lens is used. Photographers say that this cannot be considered as a consumer camera because it needs many other accessories, lighting, grading knowledge and color correction to get good results. On the bright side, it has limitless recording capacity which puts it on top of the others.

3. Canon 70D – $999.00

The Canon 70D has high ISO capabilities, large lens options, and made by a foremost name in the camera manufacturing industry. It can record using MOV and H.264 up to a maximum of 60fps in 720 pixels. It also has an autofocus feature that works best during casual shooting or event coverage. This Canon model is water resistant, highly durable and uses the Dual Pixel CMOS AF that allows for fast focus for live video and view among others.

However, its viewfinder is relatively small, flash needs to be clicked to enable the AF illuminator, and the camera’s movie mode is disabled once Wi-Fi connectivity is in use. While it can be used in semi-pro shooting such as sports, videos and photos, it is not a good buy for those who are on a tight budget.

4. Panasonic Lumix GH3 – $797.00

In the recent years, Panasonic made a name in indie filmmaking and started its campaign using the Lumix GH3 model. This video camera combines cinematic video with excellent stills; recording 1080p video of up to 60fps. It features timecode information to help users during editing and utilizes an MFT mount to do away in finding a decent lens.

This model has continuous full-area AF system, uses Micro Four Thirds System, includes a 16.05mp digital live MOS sensor, and a robust weather-sealed, magnesium alloy body. It also has a 4-CPU Venus engine, 3” 614k dot free angle OLED monitor that adds up to its value. Users love its Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows it to upload to social media websites or blogspots using a few clicks.

5. Sony a77 II Digital SLR Camera – $998.00

Sony Corporation has raised its bid as one of the significant names in the video camera business with a whole lot of gadgets and technology to offer. If you are into indie filmmaking, you can count on its a77 II digital SLR camera that works ideally for people who love 1080p recording capacity at 60fps. This high quality easy to use camera has a rotating LCD monitor that many pronounced as super convenient.

Just like its Panasonic counterpart, it has Wi-Fi plus NFC connectivity. It uses OLED Tru-Finder and capable of generating excellent image quality and reaches towards superior in movie performance. However, it has a recording capacity limited to approximately 29 minutes, and confined to AVC/H.264 and Sony lens mount. Previous buyers claim that it is capable of buffer delays and can be noisy at high sensitivities.

6. GoPro Hero4 Black – $499.99

GoPro cameras recently received several serious upgrades, creating more fantastic tools to use in stylized film purposes. Among these video cameras, the GoPro Hero 4 Black can tackle tasks that range from drone footages to helmet-cams. These versatile cameras are made for a variety of purposes which brought it to a lot of professional photographers’ attention. It allows for moving beyond the HD feature as it can record POV-style footage whether you wear the camera or mount it in diverse ways.

It captures 4K at 30fps, shoots at 27K of up to 60fps, features full HD of 1080p at up to 120fps, and more. Additionally, it utilizes the SuperView mode that provides an optimal wide-angle view. But with its small size comes a small interface. It is fitted with a fixed lens, a limitation that is disliked by many action video producers. However, these are just minute problems that can be overshadowed by it many features.

7. Samsung NX500 – $799

Made by the Korean appliance and gadget giant Samsung, the NX500 is a direct competition of the Panasonic LX100 camera and features so many like functions. It can record up to a maximum of 29min 59sec in HD mode. It is a mirrorless digital camera which come with a kit lens and has 30mm f/2.0 lens used by NX cameras. It can produce excellent 4K video and stills.

This video camera uses Samsung’s well-known hybrid system which proves effective and adequate during a variety of situations. Many users say that it is borrowed several of the NX1’s outstanding features and placed them into a compact camera that sells at a lesser price. It also features 28MP BSI CMOS APS-C sensor, among the best in its category and generates fantastic videos as well as images. With its 3-inch super AMOLED rear screen and intuitive menu options, great shooting experiences come at hand.